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2019 Academic Results

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Principal Mrs Anne Johnstone warmly congratulates the Class of 2019 students on their outstanding performance in the Higher School Certificate (HSC). Ravenswood has a long history of academic excellence and our 101 HSC students, together with our 24 International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma students, have continued this tradition, applying themselves with dedication, focus and enthusiasm. We are inspired by their efforts and achievements.

The release of the HSC results on Tuesday 17 December and Sydney Morning Herald school rankings form only part of the picture of Ravenswood’s 2019 overall Year 12 performance, as our IB students will not receive their results until January, at which stage we will provide a detailed report on the combined HSC/IB and ATAR results.

We are pleased to celebrate and share with you highlights of the achievements of our HSC students, which are a credit to their tremendous efforts. We also particularly congratulate the many students who have achieved well above their expected results. We are so proud of the Class of 2019!

Highlights include:
  • top mark in the state (First in Course);
  • excellent results across 46 HSC subjects, with 79.5% of results in the top two achievement bands;
  • 163 mentions on the Distinguished Achievers list (student achieved result in the highest band);
  • 5 students named on the All-round Achievers merit list (student achieved result in the highest band in 10 or more units);
  • highest examination results (99%) achieved by students in 2 unit Mathematics;
  • 13 students nominated for HSC Subject Showcases (Music, Visual Arts, Drama and Dance) with a student selected for ARTEXPRESS;
  • all students achieved in the top 2 bands (Bands 5 and 6) in 25 HSC subjects;
  • every student who studied the following subjects received a Band 6 (or E4): Chinese Beginners, Chinese in Context, French Continuers, French Extension Japanese Extension, Music Extension, Music 2 and Spanish Beginners.
Special congratulations to Linda Peng who achieved First in Course, attaining the top mark in the state in Chinese in Context.

We also congratulate the following students who placed on the HSC All-round Achievers merit list: Lise Bosch, Emily Lewis Dando, Clare Golja, Courtney Snushall and Julia Sterrett. These students achieved results in the highest band for at least 10 units of their HSC courses.

Well done to Alice Maltman on her Visual Arts major work selection for ARTEXPRESS.

'These results are also a credit to our excellent Year 12 teachers who have shown great dedication to our girls, as well as to all the teaching and non-teaching staff who go above and beyond in supporting our students to fulfil their potential and flourish here at Ravenswood. Finally, I would like to thank our parents of Year 12 students for their immense support and care of their daughters throughout their education and for their valued partnership with our School,' Mrs Johnstone said.

Academic Results 2019 Booklet Academic Results 2019 Booklet