Secondary School

Middle Years

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In Years 7–9, the Middle Years of Secondary School, students gain independence, resilience and develop their own sense of self-worth. Students are challenged and nurtured to ensure that each individual recognises her unique abilities, reaches her potential and grows into a confident and capable young woman.

Young people seek separation, independence and a sense of self at this stage of their lives. They are encouraged to get involved in all aspects of the school, to take responsibility for their own learning, and to work both collaboratively and independently to develop a lifelong love of learning. Environments such as the Middle Years Learning Studio help facilitate the design of experiences that encourage both cooperative and self-regulated learning, with the flexibility to accommodate a range of interests and learning styles.

As students journey into adolescence, they have an increased need to explore the world around them and feel that they are a vital part of the school community. The main emphasis in the Middle Years, is on developing a sense of connectedness and belonging, a primary concern for students as they transition across the years. Young adolescents are on the cusp of developing skills for lifelong learning, social responsibility, positive habits of thought and action and self-efficacy. Ravenswood’s Wellbeing structures and Programs are tailored to meet the needs of students during this period of significant developmental change.