Secondary school

Learning Enrichment

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Learning Enrichment is provided for all students so that every child has the opportunity to reach her full potential. The Learning Enrichment Department caters for the strengths, weaknesses and varying learning needs of students, by utilising information from a range of standardised tests and assessments.

In Secondary School, learning is differentiated across the Curriculum. In Years 7–9, extension and support is provided by classroom and specialist Learning Enrichment teachers collaboratively. In Years 10–12, identified students are offered individual extension or support instruction.

Ravenswood offers an extensive range of learning opportunities designed to develop the talents of each student. In Secondary School, extension activities include the da Vinci Decathlon, Philosophy Day and the Future Problem Solving Program, which includes Community Problem Solving, Scenario Writing and Scenario Performance and various mathematics and writing competitions. These programs provide valuable opportunities for students to work collaboratively with like-minded peers.